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Security Posture Assessment

1. Cybersecurity Strategy Assessment.
2. Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures.
3. Cybersecurity Roles and Responsibilities.
4. Cybersecurity Risk Management.
5. Compliance Support for Cybersecurity Standards, Laws and Regulations.

Offensive Security Services

1. Vulnerabilities and Patching Assessment.
2. Penetration Testing.
3. Web Application Security.
4. Incident Response.

Infrastructure Security Assessment

1. Asset Management Security assessment.
2. Identity and Access Management Controls Assessment.
3. SDLC Assessment (Source Code review)
4. Networks Security Assessment.
5. Email Security assessment.
6. Mobile Device security policy assessment.
7. Data and Information Protection Policy review.
8. Physical Security Assessment.
9. Cloud Computing and Hosting Cybersecurity.
10. Minimum Security Baseline Standards.

Security Operations Center

1. Cybersecurity Incident and Threat Management.
2. SOC Process Built and Review Service.
3. SIEM implementation and Tuning services.
4. Cybersecurity Event Logs and Monitoring Management.
5. Brand Protection Solutions.
6. SOC Staff augmentations services:
– Onsite Staff out Sourcing.
– Offshoring / Near shoring.
– Managed Services.

PCI & ISO Certifications

ConServ through partnership with I Volve and TUV can gladly serve you with the gap analysis and auditing required to get PCI certified and ISO certified.

SOC Layers:

  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
  • Endpoint Monitoring
  • Network traffic Analysis
  • User Entity and Behavior Analytics
  • Threat intelligence
  • SIEM Foundation